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Create subdomain to PHP App, Froxlor adds trailing slash




I have an app in /var/customers/webs/<customer>/<some-app>/web/app.php and I'd like to subdomain that dir to someapp.domain.com.

However, when I edit the path to that subdomain to the app.php, Froxlor always adds a trailing slash and therefore it thinks that app.php is a directory.


Cronjob output

mkdir: cannot create directory `/var/customers/webs/c/c.de/app/web/app_dev.php/': File exists
cp: accessing `/var/customers/webs/c/paskl.de/app/web/app_dev.php/': Not a directory
chown: cannot access `/var/customers/webs/c/c.de/app/web/app_dev.php/': Not a directory



1) Add subdomain

2) Upload app do that dir

3) Change path of that subdomain to change path to /web/app.php

4) Save

When in the dashboard (after save) again, you'll already see the slash behind app.php


Froxlor is version 0.9.32-1+squeeze1

I'm running it on a Ubuntu Server 12.04

Apache is 2.4.10





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You cannot point to a file. Use a redirect in a index.php for example

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