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  1. Where is the configuration templates thing i can't find please help how fix that
  2. What's that? may be i need a link of the tutorials
  3. Hi, It's Me Again After Last Time I Just Deleted The Whole Server And Recreated Every Thing Form The Start And That Worked For Me But Now I'm Facing A New Problem Domain Isn't Working Well Like In The Image Above I Have Pointed My Domain's A Records To My Server's IP Address And Also Given The Domain A Document Root But When I Open The Domain From My PC It's Opens The Old Website (Maybe There's Some Issue With My Browser) But When Open The Domain From The Server Or Browserling It Opens The Froxlor Admin Panel Now Tell Me Where I Did It Wrong? And How Do I Fix This.
  4. The character Was A typing mistake and the password is not wrong
  5. Hi, I'm New To Linux And Froxlor And I Getting The This Error While The Installation SQLSTATE[HY000] [1045] Access Denied For User 'db'froxlor'@'localhost' (Using Password: YES) So Whats The Problem And How To Fix This And Please Answer With Details Cause I'm New To Linux I'm Using Lubuntu 18.
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