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Awstats on freeBSD



Hi all,


I have installed the latest froxlor (0.9.4) on FreeBSD and i have some issues with the awstats implementation. In the last version there was a config field where you could set the output directory for awstats. In the latest release i can't find this field anymore.


Where should the awstats config be generated? Maby it is just a case of creating the correct directory. It seems that awstats on FreeBSD is installed in a different directory than on most linux systems (/usr/local/www/awstats/cgi-bin/).


If there is any way i can help/test with the FreeBSD implementation please let me know. I am verry happy to see that the project is moving forward, great job :)





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output-directory is automatically set to [customerdir]/awstats/[domain]/ and should not be changed (reason is traffic calculation).


More important for you is the path to the awstats_buildstaticpages.pl perl-script, I see the problem that we should re-enable the path to this script as a setting again because many system have different paths. I'll open up a bug-ticket for this. thanks.



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