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Custom Panel Setting



So I was wanting to add some menu items and keep the links config in the db...


At first glance at your getSetting function would pull value from panel_settings where settinggroup and varname = whatever is passed to the function...

I could not get this to work...

Is there something else I need to do to be able to put custom items in the db and use this function?


I'm probably missing something really simple? And I did ensure I didn't fat finger anything...

I'm sure I'll figure it out eventually but some guidance would be appreciated...

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I got it working not 5 minutes after posting this...


correct this if i'm missing or did something extra


i added to /actions/admin/settings/100.panel.php

and also to /lng/english.lng.php


then the setting in the db showed up the panel(which I wasn't worried about) but the getSetting function worked which is what i needed...

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EDIT: aw, you got it working :P




Yes... sorry for the stupid question... I'll probably have some more as I will eventually go through every line of code at some point in the next month... I have to know everything about a piece of software that I can... something wrong with my head apparently... guess that's why I'm a Gentoo guy...

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