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  1. Git is such a great scm because you always have a full history on your box so you can checkout without a network connection... compression is great with it as well and its fast... Redmine is great too, been using that for a couple years.... Question... you're already running ROR with Redmine did you consider using Gitorious for the git server? It looks like you're just running git-web so are you using gitosis for the server? Gitorious makes it simple to handle branching and merging and gives a pretty web interface to do it if desired... Alot of people compare it to GitHub but opensource so you can run it locally if you would like... I use Gitorious for altruhost in private mode on a gentoo box... I have a pretty decent ebuild in my overlay that I wrote, some guy from Russia picked updated about a year later, and about 2 months ago I updated his version and I could supply if desired.... Anywho, this should be a very positive change!
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