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Databases not showing





If I use the APS Installer to create database for let say ?joomla?

The installer creates the database but it is not showing in the


Customer > MySQL > Databases


Also I am not sure if it counts as a database in the:


Admin > Resources > Customer > Create customer > MySQL-Databases: *




With the Coppermine ASP installation there seems to be some permission problems on

Folder and File creation and other permissions.


Great product !




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Hello Ace,


this is correct - this is a major issue in the APS-Class which does *not* count the created databases to the users used databases. For this we need major rework on the APS installer which will not be included in the 0.9 series but in 1.0 later.


Permission issues come from the package itself, they have some kind of "configure" script which handles all the installation/configuration, the APS installer just starts these scripts.

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