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SQL-Error while upgrading from syscp 1.4.2 on Debian Lenny



Hi People,


first: thanks a lot for the continuing development on froxlor!


I'm trying to upgrade my syscp 1.4.2 installation on Debian Lenny to froxlor (via debian-package).


Now, when i'm logging in to froxlor to proceed with the upgrade-stuff i'm getting the following error:


Invalid SQL: UPDATE `panel_sessions` SET `lastactivity`="1293815155", `formtoken`="05e73c5e8308e08ed228fd77aa77007e" WHERE `hash`="5c5b8b437f01f51456cee56b6c8994f5" AND `adminsession` = "1"
mysql error number: 1054
mysql error desc: Unknown column 'formtoken' in 'field list'
Time/date: 31/12/2010 05:05 PM
Script: /froxlor/admin_updates.php
Referer: https://xxx/froxlor/


I didn't find any solution in the forums, but i wonder if someone maybe can give a hint??


Best wishes for 2011!

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