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Converting to Nginx





I recently discovered Froxlor, and I am trying to get it installed on a fresh VPS is image of Debian. I added the source, and I installed the system from there.


I logged into the system at IP/froxlor, and I got everything setup. I then clicked on configuration, and choose the appropriate things to get the commands to install Nginx. I installed Nginx on the machine, but it is not working from what I can tell. The system is still showing that Apache is the web server. I did try to stop apache, but I can no longer get to the admin section of the panel.


Is there a more detailed how-to on this? Can someone offer help to me? I have searched the forum and web, but I can't find any documentation on making the switch.

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- Start Apache to get to the admin panel

- set all settings for nginx (paths, user, etc.)

- be sure you have "create own vhost" activate in IP's and Ports (or you have to create one for nginx yourself!)

- as admin, click on "rebuild configs" (menu-bar on the left)

- let the cron generate all the configs

- stop apache

- start nginx

- ...

- profit :)

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