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Awstats-icon problem with update to 0.9.14



Hi Froxlor Team,


I've been testing several tools like Froxlor and finally decided to use Froxlor.


As there are some features I miss in Froxlor I want to dig into Froxlor and help with the development.


When I updated to 0.9.14 I noticed that the icons in awstats are not shown anymore. Looking through the code the problem seems to be in the getStats() method in scripts/jobs/cron_tasks.inc.http.10.apache.php. In my case line 495 is relevant as it checks if $domain['customerroot'] has a different value than $domain['customerroot'] and only then the alias for the stats is inserted.


The values for both keys come directly from the database around line 800. Printing out the $domain variable shows both keys with the exact same value in all cases. And isn't that default for the document root, to always be the one set for that customer? So in that case the alias will never be set, as in my case.


What is the reason for comparing the documentroot of the customer with the one for the domain and only setting the alias if they differ?


Best Regards,

Severin Leonhardt

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a subdomain/other domain of that customer can have a different docroot, i cant check the relevent code right now but it has been tested several times, if you are sure this is a bug report it to our bugtracker

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