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new admin user don't see users tickets



I have a user who added new ticket. Then I logged in as a new admin user to see that tickets and response, for testing purpose. No tickets at all. I logged in as a FIRST admin user which was created during installation and this guy can see users tickets.


When created new admin user I have checked all possible options including Tickets Support unlimited.


IS IT A BUG ????



www-apps/froxlor- USE="aps autoresponder awstats bind domainkey dovecot fcgid ftpquota log mailquota pureftpd realtime* ssl tickets -lighttpd"

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No its not, the customer you wrote the ticket with was probably added using the first admin, which makes it belong to the first admin. Of course, the second admin (which could be a reseller) can't see the customers of the first admin. Currently (0.9.14) also Admins with "customer-see-all" flag are not able to see "other" tickets (I'll add this for 0.9.15).


PS: you should update to 0.9.14

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