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Multiple PHP Binarys





i have a Problem.


a website of mine needs PHP5.2, the server runs with php 5.3.



So my thought was:

-compile an own php 5.2 binary (done that)

-put it in "/opt/php5.2_own/" (binary is "/opt/php5.2_own/bin/php-cgi" )

-make a new php configuration in froxlor:

-- Name is PHP5.2, PHP Binary is "/opt/php5.2_own/bin/php-cgi", File extension is "php" and the corresponding php setting.

-now i create a new domain, choose "PHP5.2" as php configuration


seems correct, eh? ;-)


The Problem is, i get an internal server error when i call a php file on the domain, static files work.

(the other domains with php 5.3 work.)


so lets see at the error.log of this domain


[Mon Oct 25 18:55:09 2010] [emerg] mod_fcgid: server is restarted, pid 31839 must exit
[Mon Oct 25 18:55:09 2010] [emerg] (43)Identifier removed: mod_fcgid: can't get lock in pid 31839

i had no idea so lets look at the errorr log of apache


[Mon Oct 25 18:55:13 2010] [notice] mod_fcgid: call ***/***/index.php with wrapper /var/www/php-fcgi-starter/***/php-fcgi-starter
Command "from" is unknown, try "ip addr help".


ok, so the problem seems to be in the php-fcgi-starter file


and here are the contents


# starter created/changed on 2010.10.25 19:05:01 for domain '****' with id #105 from php template 'PHP5.2' with id #2
# Do not change anything in this file, it will be overwritten by the Froxlor Cronjob!

umask 022
export PHPRC
ip address from which connections are accepted, usually only localhost
exec /opt/php5.2_own/bin/php-cgi -c '/var/www/php-fcgi-starter/****/'

This file looks the same as the files for the other domains (exept from the paths to the binary etc)


And this is where i'm stuck, anyone any idea?

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Last post was quite short, sorry, but i was on via mobile, and that aint real fun.


got the second problem . i forgot the --enable-fcgi flag while compiling php :rolleyes:

sorry for the inconvenience.



btw where are the fcgi starter files generated ? i think i have an error in generating them (the missing #)

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