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Javascript-Counter shows next Cron-Config-Reload



Hy everybody,


i will also let you know that i developed a little modification for SysCP, which also works in Froxlor.


A counter in the header, which shows you when the Cron nexttime will reload the config files.


An actual example could you see on the following page:




the necessary files can be downloaded from the following address:




Here the descripton how to install:


00. Change Directory into your Froxlor-Root

01. Create the following Directory: /scripts/counter/

02. Download the counter.tar from http://www.kaltenbach-edv.at/froxlor/counter.tar

03. Extract the files to the directory /scripts/counter/ (tar -xvf counter.tar /scripts/counter/)

04. Edit the file /lib/init.php


Add the following lines after line 405:


$header .= "<script language='javascript' src='./scripts/counter/jquery-1.2.6.js'></script>";

$header .= "<script language='javascript' src='./scripts/counter/counter.js'></script>";


now it should look like this:


eval("\$header = \"" . getTemplate('header', '1') . "\";");

$header .= "<script language='javascript' src='./scripts/counter/jquery-1.2.6.js'></script>";

$header .= "<script language='javascript' src='./scripts/counter/counter.js'></script>";

eval("\$footer = \"" . getTemplate('footer', '1') . "\";");


05. Edit the file /templates/header.tpl:


Add the following line after line 26:


<div id="weiter"></div>


now it should look like this:


<td class="header">

<div id="weiter"></div>



06. Edit the file /scripts/counter/counter.js:


Change the Value "300" in line 5, to a value which is equivalent to the intervall of your CronJob for SysCP

(in seconds)


Intervall = 300;


07. Thats it!

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Nice to see some contribution =)


1. it's javascript, not java. That's a huge difference!

2. use it at your own risk

3. it could be better positioned, like complete in the blue part or half half. It doesn't look too good atm

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Sorry guys, i wrote the topic a little bit to fast.


Sure, its javascript :)


The problem of the position is, that i didn't really analyze the structure of the header, therefore

i put it on a place, that it is shown in the header. Maybe i will correct the position, and the handling

when this counter is shown in future time :)

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Now i changed the script.

I think, the wish of d00p is now fullfilled ..


The counter will only be shown, if your are logged in.


And i moved the counter a little bit deeper ..



1. function restZeit() - extended after line 32

2. function getFileName() - add (Source: http://befused.com/javascript/get-filename-url, Thanx to "Deo Favente")


Changedfile: http://www.kaltenbach-edv.at/froxlor/counter.js

The Archiv: http://www.kaltenbach-edv.at/froxlor/counter.tar (has been updated)

Screenshot: http://www.kaltenbach-edv.at/froxlor/screen.jpg (because on the official site you wont see the counter ;) )


PS: Sorry for my bad english!

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There's one thing that is not true: it says "Config-Reload"...which is not always true, becausea re-building of the configuration only happens if there's a task for it in the table 'panel_tasks'. You can only say that the "next cron-run" is in [interval] seconds

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Thats true, but you can change this easily in Line 39


instead of "Config-Reload in:" => "(Possible) Config-Reload in:"


An other Bugfix is available, since CSR is blocking the function "setTimeout()" in counter.js





Line 21 + 40:

from: setTimeout('restZeit()',1000);

to: (setTimeout( function() { 'restZeit()' }, 1000));

change this, and everything will work fine again.





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