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[solved] chown / chmod web folders



Hey fellows ;-)


I need to change the behavior of setting permissions after adding domains/subdomains.

Usually froxlor will do "chown -R guid:guid directory". But in my case I need to have:


chown -R guid:www-data directory


chgrp -R www-data directory


I looked into: cron_tasks.inc.http.10.apache.php, but doesn't seem to be the right file.

grepping for "chown" gives incredible results ;-)


where do I have to set the group and permissions for new files/folders in /var/customers/webs/ ?


to be clear: i want:


drwxr-x--- 10 10000 www-data 4.0K 2010-09-07 16:10 domain.com


note: i just use apache2-mpm-prefork, not fcgid and not suexec


Thank you so much :-)

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Try grep'ing for mkDirWithCorrectOwnership()-function calls

perfect, I thank you!


cron_tasks.inc.http.10.apache.php, line 722


mkDirWithCorrectOwnership($domain['customerroot'], $domain['documentroot'], $domain['guid'], "33", true, true);


33 = guid of www-data

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