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API Access: Unauthenticated. Please provide api user credentials.




I'm trying to connect to the froxlor API using python (my script worked half a year ago with another instance of froxlor). I'm using Froxlor 2.1.9 on Debian 11

I enabled the API interface in the system settings, and I generated an API key (as the admin user).

I am using PHP-FPM for the froxlor instance, and I read the note about this:


If you are using php-fpm with apache2, in order for the API authentication to work properly, you need to enable Add "-pass-header Authorization" / "CGIPassAuth On" to vhosts in the PHP-configuration assigned to froxlor.

However, there is no such setting in the PHP-FPM configuration (even though I do not hide incompatible options).

Any hints what's wrong here?


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There IS a setting for it:

Login as admin -> PHP -> PHP Configurations -> Edit the config that is used by froxlor itself -> check "Passing HTTP AUTH BASIC/DIGEST headers from Apache to PHP"

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Thank you for your extremely fast reply :)

Right, that setting is there, and is already activated. It sounded like what I was looking for, but not exactly what is written in the docs, that's why I'm asking :)

I'll have to look further into it. Might be a mistake on the python side ...

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