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Package to provide dkim-filter on Debian

Alexander Lehmann


I am currently trying to activate dkim mails on a system that uses debian 11 and I am failing to find a package that provides dkim-filter


I guess that is originally provided by sendmail, but I am coming up blank with any package that is in the debian repositories.

Most guides about dkim for debian suggest using opendkim but I assume that does not fit the config files generated by Froxlor



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Wait for v2.2 in the summer, we'll integrate rspamd with a better dkim implementation. The current one is very old and not easy to use (and not without DNS enabled)

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I tried with opendkim now, that should work until the regular support is available.


I wrote a perl script to convert the dkim-keys.conf to the dkim-signtable and dkim-keytable files for opendkim, that works fine as long as no new domains are added, then the script would have to be rerun

In case anybody is interested, the file is attached



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