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Deployer: "Found symlink pointing outside of customer home directory: /foobar/current"



I am using Deployer PHP to deploy websites into a Froxlor environment. Deployer's default mode of operation is that it switches a Symlink (called "current") pointint to the new release after a succesful deployment.

So for example if you have the website "foobar" within a customer's home, Deployer will create a structure like this:

  • foobar/releases (individual releases)
  • foobar/shared (files and folders shared between releases via symlinks)
  • foobar/current (the symlink pointing to a specific release, e.g. "releases/21")

When I set up the domain I typically enter something like this as the DocumentRoot for the domain:

  • /foobar/current/public

Froxlor will initially create this folder structure for me and before I make deployments, I delete the foobar/current folder and the deployment script will create the symlink instead. However, when you then want to later on change any settings for this (sub)domain, the following error will occur:



Found symlink pointing outside of customer home directory: /foobar/current

The only way to work around this currently is to delete the symlink, save the (sub)domain's settings and then recreate the symlink afterwards.

It would be great if Froxlor took such symlink deployments into account so that I do not have to do this :)

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