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New domain not being created, possibly due to bind



I have DNS services running on a service provider infrastructure, and therefore have no need for DNS server on the server where floxlor is installed.

Now, after V2 was installed. creating a new domain is not creating the new domain. The cron job was complaining on a /etc/init.d/cron9. not found, so I disabled the name server in the settings and regenerated the config file and reran the cron.

  • The vhost file is not created
  • The directory space is not being created

The rerun cron job is not giving me any errors, but is not actioning the domain either. I'm at a loss how to proceed, Please provide some guidance on what to do.


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15 minutes ago, d00p said:

DNS service is not required for a domain to be added ...


Yes, you are correct @d00p. Thank you for your response.

The output was showing as pretty standard, except for the error

/etc/init.d/bind9: No such file or directory

In between my initial post and your response. I deleted the domain and recreated, Before doing this I went to settings and selected the default options (in bold) , saved the settings, rebuilt the config files and ran the cron job,

This seemed to do the trick. I cannot say if was re-creation of the domain or the settings page update.

Thank you for your willingness to assist. much appreciated.


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