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SPF Issue when forwarding Mails





has someone a solution for SPF when forwarding a mail-address to a external address. For example if i have a address foo@bar.de and this address is forwarding to a address which is not running on my server and someone with @gmail.com sends a mail to foo@bar.de the postfix relaies the mail with the old from address and SPF will fail since my server is not allowed to send mails from @gmail.com

My solution would be to rewrite the "envelop from" address to foo@bar.de but i didn't find the right postfix config yet.

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You can have "excludes" on a domain base in postsrsd, maybe even on an address-base, but never checked/needed that. Forwarding emails used to be so simple :P But yeah, SPF and co make things way harder (as intended somehow)

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