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Dovecot home and mail_location




I'm using Froxlor with Dovecot under the hood.

I observed regular error messages in the Dovecot logs ages ago but w/o seeing any misbehavior. But finally decided to look deeper into it and also reached out to the Dovecot community.

The error looks like this:

imap(USERNAME)<6637><fB95wfXo7tFbEJQa>: Error: stat(/srv/customers/mail/$CUSTOMER/$DOMAIN/$USER/Maildir/.dovecot.sieve/tmp) failed: Not a directory

That message is because Dovecot thinks that .dovecot.sieve is a mailbox/folder (as maildir++ format is used). I've been told by the Dovecot community that it is a very bad idea and not at all recommended to use the same directory as home AND mail_location but apparently that is currently the default for Froxlor?

I think my settings are pretty default:

homedir: /srv/customers/mail
maildirname: Maildir

So in the mail_users table there is always /srv/customers/mail/ in homedir and $CUSTOMER/$DOMAIN/$USER/Maildir/ in maildir.

The userdb lookup in Dovecot as documented by Froxlor is:

user_query = SELECT CONCAT(homedir, maildir) AS home, CONCAT('maildir:', homedir, maildir) AS mail, uid, gid, CONCAT('*:storage=', quota, 'M') as quota_rule FROM mail_users WHERE (username = '%u' OR email = '%u')

So this returns the same directory for home and mail indeed.

Apparently there is a workaround to avoid that error but is also in general performance degrading which is to set

maildir_stat_dirs = yes


So overall this leaves some questions:

Is that a known issue or does it qualify to handle it as a bugreport (or improvement request) to use different home and mail dirs for Dovecot?

Should the maildir_stat_dirs = yes workaround be reflected in the configuration documentation?

Or is there anything wrong in my own Froxlor setup?




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2 minutes ago, d00p said:

.dovecot.sieve usually is the default symlink for the active sieve script, so it's not a folder hence cannot contain a /tmp folder, what are your sieve settings?

Yes, you are right. That part is expected. But as explained in the maildir++ format Dovecot interprets everything starting with a dot to be a folder leading to that error. The maildir_stat_dirs apparently makes sure that Dovecot is actually checking first if it's a directory at all.

I have

sieve = file:~/sieve;active=~/.dovecot.sieve

as proposed. ~ is the Dovecot homedir

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10 hours ago, d00p said:

so maybe, just adjust it not to start with a dot would be a solution? If it works fine, I'll gladly adjust the templates

I found the workaround for me with the configuration option which is not optimal. What I understood from Dovecot developers is that this is just one example where it causes issues.

To cite the statement I got:

"this is why you should never use maildir:~/
maildir++ treats all .files as potential maildir directories.
or to be more verbose, mail_home should not equal mail_location"

I would assume to change this would basically break compatibility and therefore is a problem to do. I just wanted to have it written somewhere together with the workaround so others could potentially find it and decide how they want to modify their setup.

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