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Refresh: is there someone who can finish DKIM implementation?




I do have a running fork of Froxlor which perfectly runs DKIM support. I have done all programming about three years ago and have made a pull request. Because php is not my familar programming language (I am programming in C e.g. firmware of mikrocontrollers) d00p wants some changes - which I cannot provide. I have always pulled my fork to the recent Froxlor version until now. I think it is very easy for someone who is familar with php to do the wanted changes so that DKIM can step into the official release. You can find my fork here: https://github.com/df8oe/Froxlor .I have integrated DKIM with amavisd.

Is there anybody who can finish my work and renew the pull request? Feel free if you do have any questions of implementing. I have swapped from Debian based server to Arch Linux based server 2 years ago (because of newer software and the "rolling release concept" and everything is working with Arch Linux, too.

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