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Server-side backup module (e.g. BorgBackup)?


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Is someone already developing a server-side backup module or is there one already?

We are currently using some python scripts to backup web content and databases (but not mails, you would need to add that) with duplicity ( https://duplicity.gitlab.io/duplicity-web/ ) locally and then do an rclone ( https://rclone.org/ ) of that onto a remote location, but I am not quite satisfied with them for various reasons.

For those interested I will share the current scripts we use since a while now as attachment, since it was lots of work and research to get them to that stage for me at least. (I think I even found some pointers for them earlier in the Froxlor forum, not sure though, don't remember).
I know the files are not good and have many flaws and not good practices, but maybe it will help someone for something good.
Please read the rclone and duplicity manual before asking questions (not sure if I have much time to answer them) and don't forget to install the python dependencies (I know on one server it's Python 2 and the other 3, but that's the way it is atm)!


I want to switch us to BorgBackup ( https://www.borgbackup.org/ ) [it supports append-only destinations] and thought about developing a small module for Froxlor.
But I would not want to do that if someone already is working on something like that and close to the finish line (but I currently can't guarantee I will actually do i).
I am not sure what the best way is to start coding a Froxlor module (maybe there's s.th. in the Wiki or Forum I didn't find yet) and to be honest I haven't worked with the Froxlor API at all yet. If someone has pointers regarding these would be appreciated.
Maybe someone else needs something similar and we can work together a bit somehow?

I wanted the GUI (I mean the froxlor admin backend) to support:

  • Multiple Backup locations (local, remote), including append only, and with the borg retention control options (though those are quite complicated, maybe I will just allow some commands to be added)
  • Backup groups, that are assigned to one or multiple backup locations and have different schedules for content, mail, DB
  • Customers can be assigned to a backup group and there can be a default backup group (not sure how to go about global backup atm)

Not sure if I forgot s.th. we need for ourselves but I don't plan to go much beyond that to be honest.

I do not plan to support reverse backups though ("pull mode", where a server connects to the server to backup) and also not backups on squashfs etc, I don't need it and don't consider it reliable.


backup_ssh_remote.py backup.py exclude.txt global_include.txt rclone.py vgs_backup_cron_d_daily

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Froxlor has a backup function though where the customer can create archives of his web, mail and database files. what you do after with it is the customers choice.

From an admin point of view: there are many many (free) backup solutions that should be prefered (e.g. bacula, backuppc, etc.)

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Yeah I was only worrying about admin perspective, I didn't plan adding automatic retrieval for customers.

So it wouldn't be really useful for others I guess, meaning that module would be a waste of time for most people (?).

Edit: Thanks for sharing those two, I didn't know them.

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