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    Donations / Liberapay.com

    I wanted to suggest providing Liberapay.com as option for donations to the Froxlor team. It also allows to have teams.
  2. Hello. This is just a suggestion (so free free to ignore it): Increasingly people seem to want to use Gmail MX or Outlook MX with their domains. For that to work properly, I need to uncheck "Emaildomain" of course (otherwise any sending email accounts on the local server won't find the target domain's accounts on the MX servers, since the domain gets resolved locally and it tells it there is no such mail box). In case Froxlor is ported to OpenDKIM, I'd like to suggest of thinking of this possibility from a DKIM perspective, since currently when you turn off "Emaildomain" then of course DKIM entries are not created in the DNS. Ideally I would want the DKIM keys in the DNS of the server and be able to add Gmail's or Outlook's entries. Of course this also needs to take the _adsp._domainkey into account. The current solution is to live without DKIM for the website or somehow enter the website server's key manually in the DNS. I am able to do that, but I think it might be cumbersome for many people. Anyways, independent from that a big thank you for Froxlor to anyone who works on developing it / helps with it :-)