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Release 0.10.31 - Allow reseller without change-serversetting permission to adjust documentroot of domains


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Dear Froxlor Community,

this small release adds the ability for admins/resellers without the change-serversetting permission to adjust the domain-documentroot. We have also fixed a misbehaviour regarding standard-subdomain due to a wrong default value when updating a customer via API.


Changes in 0.10.31:

  • set correct php-version numbers for installation dependencies-check; fixes #997
  • fix behaviour in Customers.update() in case 'createstdsubdomain' is not set when called via API (wrong default); fixes #998
  • allow settings/updating documentroot (only relative to customer homedirectory) when change_serversettings permission is not granted; fixes #1000
  • fix Domains.update() with correct path and change_serversettings=0; fixes #1001


Download: 0.10.31 | website

Visit http://www.froxlor.org or join our IRC channel #froxlor on irc.libera.chat for support, help, participation or just a chat

Thank you,

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