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froxlor 2.2 - New Antispam feature, API enhancements and SSL improvements


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Dear froxlor community,

we are excited to announce the release (RC) of froxlor version 2.2.0! This update brings several significant improvements and new features designed to enhance your user experience and provide greater control over your server management. Below are the key highlights of this release:

Key Features and Improvements

  • New Antispam Feature:

    • Froxlor now includes a powerful antispam feature using rspamd, allowing you to configure spam scores and implement greylisting on a per-email-account basis. This provides enhanced protection against unwanted emails and helps maintain clean and secure mailboxes.
  • Updater Enhancements:

    • The updater will automatically clear or remove existing entries related to DomainKey (DKIM) in panel_domains if the antispam feature is not activated.
  • API Updates:

    • We have introduced a new parameter, gui_access, for the Admins.add/update and Customers.add/update API endpoints. This allows for more precise control over administrative and customer interface access.
  • SSL Improvements:

    • Froxlor now offers the ability to use the froxlor-vhost certificate for email services. Additionally, a renew-hook has been added to automatically restart services after certificate renewal, ensuring uninterrupted and secure email communication.
  • MySQL Enhancements:

    • A new 'master user' feature has been added for customers, allowing them to access all their databases with a single user account. This simplifies database management and enhances user convenience.
  • Ubuntu 24.04 Support:

    • Froxlor now supports Ubuntu 24.04, ensuring compatibility with the latest version of this popular Linux distribution.

Upgrade Instructions

To upgrade to froxlor version 2.2.0 (rc), please follow the standard upgrade procedures outlined in our documentation. We recommend backing up your current configuration and databases before proceeding with the update to ensure a seamless transition.

Note that you will need the update-channel to be "testing" to receive this release-candidate update for your installation.

Get Support

For any questions or support related to this release, please visit our support forum or consult the Froxlor community (discord).

Join the froxlor community

We encourage you to join our discord community of users and developers. Share your feedback, report issues, and contribute to the ongoing improvement of froxlor.

Thank you for using froxlor! We hope you enjoy the new features and improvements in version 2.2.0.


Thank you,
the froxlor team

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Update: froxlor 2.2.0-rc2


  • show email-only domains in customers list
  • implement 2fa remember browser, fixes #1259
  • add column '2fa status' for customers and admins listings


  • fix correctly handling catchall-flag when updating email-address, fixes #1260
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