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How can I change the password by using Mysql?



Hello Froxlor Forum

I am a total newbie when it comes to Froxlor but after a lot of trial and error I managed to get it installed and working. However when I logged out of my last session I cannot log in and the email reset is disabled. I am running it on VPS with Ubuntu Server 20.4..

I tried to replace the password with the generic "password" using the command lines suggested by the user doop but it didn't work.  I tried this

UPDATE 'panel_admins' SET 'password' = '0040f2abc2cff0c8f59883b99ae9fab6' WHERE 'panel_admins'.'loginname' = 'Admin';This will set the password to 'Password!' for the admin username.

Am I missing something? Do I need to replace that long string of numbers and letters with the one from my table? or is there a way to turn on email rest from Mysql and get it to send me a new password?

If this doesn't work is there a way to wipe the password and insert another user with ssh and the terminal?




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Reset password for admin using mysql (change values accordingly):

UPDATE panel_admins SET `password` = md5('thepassword-youwant') WHERE `loginname` = 'admin';

Activate "password reset function for admin" using mysql:

UPDATE panel_settings SET `value` = '1' WHERE `varname` = 'allow_preset';
UPDATE panel_settings SET `value` = '1' WHERE `varname` = 'allow_preset_admin';


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