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Ubuntu 20.04 Access a customer's domain web without pointed domain

Patricio Medina


Hello, and thank you for the opportunity to ask questions, and the developers of froxlor.

I am running latest version, and I am preparing a migration from an old debian server with froxlor to Ubuntu 20.04 server.

I am running the latest version of Froxlor.

My question is related to if is there a way to access the website of a customer that havent set the domain yet, so its pointing to other server now?
I can't  figure out how to access this website who's domain names haven't been set up yet.

Thank you for the hard work!


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There is a checkbox when adding/editing a customer called "Create standard subdomain?", if checked, the customer gets a standard subdomain in the form of "username.your-froxlor.hostname.tld" which then points to the customers home directory and can be used for accessing web

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Yes, it does. I have another server with froxlor running and I tested and it worked perfectly, so I am assuming theres some mismatch settings that maybe I manually made on Apache's config while learning/understanding/testing froxlor.

So, thank you very much. I will post the solution when i find it so maybe it can help someone else.



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