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Accessing customers websites without domains



I'm new to Froxlor and and I'm trying to figure out how to access to customers websites.  For cpanel, I could access to them via their username like 

http://hostname.com/~username    Is there a such thing for Froxlor?  


Thanks for your help!

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Yes, it is called "standard customer subdomain", which is by defailt "username.froxlor-hostname", e.g. user is web1 and froxlor-hostname is "froxlor.mydomain.tld" then it would be "web1.froxlor.mydomain.tld".

You can individually activate/deactivate for customers when adding/editing the corresponding customer.

If you do not want it to be froxlor-hostname, there is a setting where you can specify a "standard subdomain domain" which will then be used instead of the froxlor-hostname

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