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How to direct a customer to the homepage of my website?


Hi, I've been toying around with froxlor and got everything working but the frontpage of my website. I want to use wordpress for the frontpage and have froxlor as a sort of backend, along with phpmyadmin, awstats, roundcube mail, and monsta ftp. So far everything's working except I'm only using a test html page that I made myself instead of wordpress. So far I can't access the test page at all and the standard subdomain is messing up lets encrypt and making the server stop working until I manully restart it. This is unacceptable as I want to have full uptime of my site so having to regularly check to see that it does not need manual restart is not an option for me. As for not being able to access the test page, I have no idea what to do. I've continually changed the domain and IP/PORT settings but it's not working. I could just set IP/PORT to the location of the test page but then froxlor would be unaccessable as it is located in /var/www/html while the test page is in /var/customers/webs/cadmin/cadmin.drewssite.us.to. I can show all the logs and pages I've seen if needed. All help is appreciated. Thanks.


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accidentally included image from a different vm i had running, it displayed the wrong info and I had to delete. Unforntunatly the original output is no longer available.
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Sounds like you are more a customer then an admin.

Add a customer, add a domain. Use FTP to access the customers homedir (if you have sent the mail to yourself) upload wordpress or whatever and end of story.

If you have messed up froxlors settings that they don't match your system then if course only messed up configs will be generated. 

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