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Today I am proud to announce the launch of froxlor.com - the new platform for fully managed cloud hosted froxlor servers, domain registration services and professional support.

In 2019 my two colleagues Alexander, Tobias and I founded the company Alu-DC. As a new team we started planning how to make the froxlor experience even better and easier for the users.

Looking through the requests of the past few years we have found the urge for three services that can make your webhosting business more independent from 3rd party providers.
The brand froxlor.com of Alu-DC aims to provide solutions for private and business customers.

We are currently in the pre-launch state. If you are interested, subscribe to our newsletter and read about the upcoming products.


Of course, the server management panel continues as an OpenSource project and profits from additional attention. As usual, froxlor can be obtained, installed and used free of charge.


Thank you,
Michael (d00p)

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For one of my friend's company this _could_ be interesting, if you have proper backups / depending on how those are handled.
This is the biggest thing that keeps us from moving to other solutions, currently we use duplicity to backup encrypted on some cloud service(s) and moving elsewhere would mean usually a lot of drawbacks on the backups / backup retention time etc.

But just see it as note, maybe many other customers have other problems / priorities and this won't be one with them maybe.

Anyways: Good luck and success with your new project!

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