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Request: Guide for Setting Up Email


I have set up my froxlor server for email. I have a domain that I'd like to test this out.

I have set up my domain, "orangekarat.com". This is an email domain.

I have created one email address with an associated email account and password.

I have opened up ports 143 and 993 for IMAP messages in froxlor.

Is this all I need to do, or are there other steps?

In trying to use the account in a third-party email app, what configurations should I specify?


Of course this is new to me, so if you have a guide you could recommend for my study, that would be awesome.

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If you have configured the services according to froxlors config templates that it should all work out of the box. For 993 (SSL) though you need to manually adjust the config yourself 

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