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Suggestion: Radio buttons for Support priority



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for any weeks I tried to change a downdown-field into a radio buttons. It's in the Support ticket area, when a customer create a new support ticket. He can choose a priority for the ticket. By default it's "High" but many customers of us didn't see it or choose always "High" by creating. That's not the aim.


I tried to change the default value into "low" but it didn't works.


So my suggest:



Wouldn't it be better that the customer have to choose via radio buttons the prority (=>Low=>or>Middle>or>high)




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six in a line is waaaaaay to many. imagine:


[x] General [x] Webserver [x] Order/Invoice [x] Webspace [x] Traffic [x] Other

(and these are short words...)


No way


you didn't understand me. i mean the priority not the categories of the ticket topic ;)



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