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Installing/configuring SSL and Let's Encrypt - seeking documentation

Werner van Schie


Hi - I'm new here.

I'm quite happily running Froxlor for a small number of sites for some time now.

Currently I am not having problems but Im just wondering about the following.  I wanted to know if there is a complete and documented procedure or tut or forum post or whatever for installing  Let's Encrypt SSL's. Also including the steps at Lets Encrypt or at least something that describes what I need before configging Froxlor. Maybe I'm overlooking something but cant find a A-Z step by step doc anywhere. It doesnt need to be detailed, anything short worded or high over would be enough as long as the steps are described.  

I don't want to re-invent the wheel so help is much appreciated.

I'm on Debian Jessie, running Apache 2.4 and Froxlor Cheers. 

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Sorry, there's no such (up-to-date) thing. Basically it's this:

1) activate SSL and (optionally) Let's Encrypt in the Settings

2) Go through configuration templates for the webserver after the settings have been adjust (enable mod_ssl, create global alias for acme-challenge, etc.)

3) add an IP address that has the ssl-flag enabled

4) edit a domain, select a ssl-enabled IP address and optionally enable usage of Let's Encrypt (you can skip step 5 if you use let's encrypt)

5) in case you have another certificate from an external source (key, certificate and maybe chain) switch to the customer of the domain, go to domain list, click on the LOCK icon to enter the certificate data


The rest is done by froxlor's cronjob, you might need to wait for a maximum of 3 cron-runs (about 15 mins total)

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