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Automatic git bare repo

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Hey all,


New to Froxlor but so far I like what I see. So I cloned the repo and made some minor changes to fit what I think would be a more universal need. Basically whenever you create a new user there is a a new git bare repo created in /var/customers/repos/[username].git. It also creates a post-receive hook that checkouts the revision to the working tree (users web root) and chowns it all to www-data. If anyone thinks this may be valuable or interesting let me know and I'll create a patch or however it should be managed.



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Why automatically? Why not stick to the way we handle resources and provide a possibility to let the admin assign an amount of repos and the customer creates them from within the panel like a mysql-db or a ftp-user?


Also, it's very specific (had a patch for svn-repos-for-customers years ago never meeged it as too few people would actually need it).


But generally a nice idea

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      Hallo zusammen,
      am Montag hab ich Froxlor von 0.9.32 auf ne GIT Installation umgestellt, also 0.9.33dev3. Mein Server ist ein Wheezy und als Webserver nutze ich Nginx v1.2.1
      Seitdem hab ich ein paar Probleme, zum einen liefert Contao wei?e inPage iFrame popups, EmonCMS stellt keine Graphen dar und PHPmyadmin bleibt nach der Anmeldung komplett wei?...
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      I recently installed Froxlor from the debian package successfully but then decided to install it from git on another system which caused the following problem:
      After filling out the install script I see the login prompt but it already says then only an admin is allowed to log in which I think was different when I installed from the debian package. Anyway I am the not allowed to log in even though I am using the admin account and there are no other accounts yet obviously.
      The error I get is not a "wrong password" error but I just end up back on the login prompt again as any normal user without admin previliges in this case because the update process is not complete.
      This problem occurs with the default version on git
      Should be easy to reproduce I tried 3 times before giving up and using the debian package again.
      Oh, the installation attempt was on a freshly installed Debian Wheezy 64bit system...
      Best regards
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      die Sache ist eigentlich relative simpel (dachte ich), folgende Ausgangslage:
      Ich m?chte per php-script von einem git-repo automatisiert pullen. Das script wird von einem Hook im repo aufgerufen jedes mal wenn jemand in eine bestimmte branch pushed. Soweit so simpel, nur der User der das php ausf?hrt (bei froxlor ein eigener User pro account) braucht daf?r einen ssh Schl?ssel.
      Jetzt die Millionen Dollar Frage: Wie lege ich f?r so einen User einen ssh key an? Irgendwelche Konstrukte mit "su - user" etc. haben nichts gebracht. Da passiert einfach gar nichts. 
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