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  1. Yes I checked out the master branch since I just followed the installation instructions. I assumed already something was fishy when the version was higher than the which is on the website but switching to solved my problem Thanks for the help
  2. Hi, I recently installed Froxlor from the debian package successfully but then decided to install it from git on another system which caused the following problem: After filling out the install script I see the login prompt but it already says then only an admin is allowed to log in which I think was different when I installed from the debian package. Anyway I am the not allowed to log in even though I am using the admin account and there are no other accounts yet obviously. The error I get is not a "wrong password" error but I just end up back on the login prompt again as any normal user without admin previliges in this case because the update process is not complete. This problem occurs with the default version on git Should be easy to reproduce I tried 3 times before giving up and using the debian package again. Oh, the installation attempt was on a freshly installed Debian Wheezy 64bit system... Best regards Oliver