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Automatic git bare repo


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Hey all,


New to Froxlor but so far I like what I see. So I cloned the repo and made some minor changes to fit what I think would be a more universal need. Basically whenever you create a new user there is a a new git bare repo created in /var/customers/repos/[username].git. It also creates a post-receive hook that checkouts the revision to the working tree (users web root) and chowns it all to www-data. If anyone thinks this may be valuable or interesting let me know and I'll create a patch or however it should be managed.



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Why automatically? Why not stick to the way we handle resources and provide a possibility to let the admin assign an amount of repos and the customer creates them from within the panel like a mysql-db or a ftp-user?


Also, it's very specific (had a patch for svn-repos-for-customers years ago never meeged it as too few people would actually need it).


But generally a nice idea

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