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[HowTo] Install Froxlor on Raspbian (Raspberry Pi)


First, thanks Froxlor Team... This is a great project!

If you are searching for a plug-and-play opensource controlpanel for Linux this is the one!


Some weeks ago we created a really easy script to install Froxlor on Raspbian for the Rasberry Pi.



wget http://rasptorial.com/downloads/sh/froxlor.sh && sudo chmod +x froxlor.sh && sudo ./froxlor.sh
During installation you will get some questions;
  • Courier screen select 'no' to web directories.
  • Postfix screen select 'internet site'. 'mail name' should be the server's domain. 
  • Proftpd screen, select 'standalone'.
  • MySQL screen, enter a password and try to remember it (important!).

After installation browse to: http://ip-address/froxlor/install/install.php and complete the installation.


If you need more info: http://www.rasptorial.com/server/froxlor-webserver

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16 minutes ago, Cristian Livella said:

rasptorial.com is down.

And how is that related to froxlor? Not our Site - nothing we can do about it.

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