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Integration with WHMCS billing panel



It seems to me a good idea to create plaginu Froxlor which integrates with

WHMCS. WHMCS (http://www.whmcs.com/) is one of the most popular billing systems with

support for the payment and domain registration. With the extension will

increase the application Froxlor and you can compete with commercial solutions

such as DirectAdmin and Cpanel. This led to the expansion of the community

associated with Froxlor and the possibility of additional sponsorship.


ps. Maybe someone has a ready-made solution and is willing to share it?


Best regards

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Short answer: Yes


Long answer: Froxlor-1.0 will introduce module-development and a rich API, so at least for 0.9.x we won't add any plugins etc. for external Applications (for which we - in this case - would have to pay in order to test them completely)

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