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  1. Wow, lightspeed! And PHP-FPM versions! Yay!!! Danke schoen!!! How do I send a beer
  2. I am probably overlooking something simple. How do I add custom php_admin_value to PHP Configuration? My entry newrelic.appname = "{DOMAIN}" seems to be ignored Using PHP-FPM
  3. I don't think this (alias plus URL in docroot) works with Nginx at all, just tested with the latest Froxlor from Git
  4. After switching shell for FTP user from /bin/false to /bin/bash, I am able to login via SSH/SFTP as this user only after I manually restart nscd. Shall I file a bug?
  5. Froxlor (DB: 201705050) I imported the list of domains from csv file, all of them were created as entries in Froxlor domain list without any errors, however Nginx vhosts were not created. I did of course wait the usual 5-10 minutes, and tried to rebuild config files - to no effect. I had to edit any value in the domain and save it for vhost config to appear. Is it by design or I should file a bug report on GitHub? I can send the CSV via private message.
  6. Most of WordPress static caching plugins require try_files modification on Nginx, this is a very much needed feature.
  7. I solved the problem by emptying lepublickey, leprivatekey for the problematic customer in the panel_customers table.
  8. Same problem for me, Could not get Let's Encrypt certificate for krolika.net: No challenges received for krolika.net. Whole response: {"type":"urn:acme:error:unauthorized","detail":"No registration exists matching provided key","status":403} and only for some domains. I removed the old certificates (files and from database), still does not work. Standalone letsencrypt-auto obtained certificates for these domains without problems.
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