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  1. Gamerboy59

    nur probleme mit Froxlor

    Der Admin-Zugang für Froxlor alleine reicht da nicht, wenn dann bräuchte man root/sudo-Zugang um die Configs zu erstellen, aber ich kann dir auf keinen Fall empfehlen den so rauszugeben.
  2. Gamerboy59

    Some php5 flags left

    Ahh, I figured out what was wrong. Froxlor did not create an "IP and Ports" config by default and after creating this and selecting the correct one in the settings it works now.
  3. Gamerboy59

    Some php5 flags left

    Yes, still not working. I works on my old-stable installation but not on the upgraded one.
  4. Gamerboy59

    Some php5 flags left

    Under system settings I get the following error: Unknown Error (not in option): system_ipaddress Doesn't matter what I configure.
  5. Gamerboy59

    Some php5 flags left

    Ahh sry, I expressed myself wrong. The system-user is created but not the apache2 sites-enabled files.
  6. Gamerboy59

    Some php5 flags left

    I did a completely new installation. Still not creating a user for itself though I checked froxlor to run under a local user. This works fine with FCGID but not with fpm somehow. That's odd.
  7. Gamerboy59

    Some php5 flags left

    I see. The actual problem is that somehow the apache2 config files are not generated for the froxlor host but it works fine for customer domains.
  8. Gamerboy59

    Some php5 flags left

    Hello, I wanted to use froxlor with PHP7-FPM but there seem to be some problems. The first is froxlor doesn't generate a user for itself (in sides-enabled config) though checking the box in config-menu. Additionally, there's still a php5 flag in the generated apache2 sites-enabled file in this line: AddHandler php5-fastcgi .php Action php5-fastcgi /fastcgiphp Maybe you can correct it and help me getting it work with fpm. I tried to used fcgid instead and the thing with the user is working fine.
  9. Der Fehler besteht auch weiterhin mit der aktuellen Version von git. Was kann ich tun, damit die Zertifikate automatisch generiert werden oder welche Informationen benötigt ihr noch?
  10. Hello, I'm trying to use lets encrypt with froxlor. I always get an error when froxlor tried to generate the certificate. Feb 18 19:05:03 ger2 Froxlor: [ Action cronjob] [error] Could not get Let's Encrypt certificate for test.gamerboy59.blue: No challenges received for test.gamerboy59.blue. Whole response: {"type":"urn:acme:error:unauthorized","detail":"No registration exists matching provided key","status":403} From what I figured out till now this might be because of a wrong email. I didn't find anything about email stuff in the csr part of the lescript yet but I found a site discussing the error: https://www.svennd.be/lets-encrypt-on-any-linux-distro/ (one of the last parts). I already tried deleting the domain and customer and set it up again but no success. Maybe you can have a look in it though it's still beta and developed anyway. Regards.
  11. Gamerboy59

    custom DNS entries

    You know a DNS Manager which is like this one? http://www.nevakee.de/wi.html#ns
  12. Gamerboy59

    custom DNS entries

  13. Gamerboy59

    custom DNS entries

    Ok, but if I set them manually they're not saved, right?
  14. Gamerboy59

    custom DNS entries

    Hello, how do I set custom entries like a srv or txt entrie in froxlor? Thank you for an answer.