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  1. Np, i found them in froxlor-custom folder and it works fine
  2. Hi, im using pureftpd and i want to use encrypted connection, what certificate from what path can i use with that to have it with auto renewal? And same for email communication. Thanks for any help
  3. Thanks, its all working now, on nginx
  4. I've provided this, thats all i have found,this one points to pool.d config
  5. It listens to non existing socket, what can be a problem?
  6. I found the problem, problem is that froxlor is creating not working pool.d configs, everytime it does that, php crashes, when i change the config, its working again
  7. And where are installation instructions? Because wiki is so old, there are packages that doesnt exist anymore
  8. It was working for a while and now its down again, php-fpm is not cooperating.
  9. Nevermind, i installed nginx, since apache just dont work. Now im in froxlor again, what php extensions are all needed by froxlor, so i can install them and not miss any, i didnt found it anywhere
  10. I just installed php8.0-xml and apache crashed again I will look on that tomorrow, i hate apache now
  11. Ok, froxlor interface is working alright now, finally. Thanks so much. I just wanna ask whats better for perfomance? I guess nginx with php-fpm?
  12. you are right, i refreshed it and its all gone
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