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  1. Im not dumb, i tried both FTP configs, didnt helped thought. Nevermind, i fixed it by adding user number to permissions. Thanks anyways
  2. Hello. I dont know how to enable permissions for FTP, can someone help me please? As far as i tried, it always says that the user doesnt exist. I can upload anything via FTP: "Permission denied" Thanks for any help.
  3. Thank you, you are the best. Sorry for me beind dumb, i dont know how i removed all the files there
  4. It looks like something deleted my previous installation and i had it in var/www/froxlor the whole time, because there is froxlor folder with just lib and userdata in it
  5. I changed it and it says froxlor isnt installed 😕 But it was
  6. How can i change doc root when apache2 is ignoring default configs?
  7. Yeah i know, sorry for that im just seeing your reply delayed every time
  8. Oh, so should i move that froxlor or can i safely change doc root to var/www/html ?
  9. Is there way to change that somehow when i cant acces that panel?
  10. Oh, no. My bad, froxlor configs are wrong, they are targetting var/www/froxlor instead of var/www/html/froxlor
  11. Yeah, i know it shouldnt change, but it worked before so i dont really dong know what happened. I see, i deleted default configs and as i see froxlor configs looks alright, but apache is still targeting wrong folder 😕
  12. Hello. After updating php then i cant access froxlor panel, because apache is targeting var/www/froxlor instead of var/www even when i have var/www set in 000-default Do u know where the problem can be? Thanks for answer
  13. I know this thread is old, but im actually having same problem. What helped in this?
  14. Nevermind, im dumb and i didnt wait for cron. Thank you really much and sorry about my dumb question, Keep your awesome work
  15. I mean if i will create domain and use ip adress with port 80 and 443 and try to load that domain it just dirrects me to froxlor panel not the domain folder itself
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