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  1. Migrate to another Server

    I did it for both. Now i have to uninstall one? Where I have to enable ist in which settings? So, libnss-mysql is default enabled ?! I installed it about configuration -> choose your distro, then "system", then "libnss-mysql"
  2. Migrate to another Server

    Now I installed booth packages. What I have to do now? I got the same error.
  3. Migrate to another Server

    I will try
  4. Migrate to another Server

    Now with a lot of trouble I migrated to the new server. Everything is fine (mail, dns, ftp etc) but Ive got a problem with vhosts. In my Browser I get ther arror Access denied 403 on Port 80. (/var/customers/webs/Client/) Roundcube and phpmyadmin are fine (/var/www) I saw on the old server in /var/customers/webs/Client/ the permissions had the name from my clients. At the new server the permissions are e.g. 10006,10003 etc Do u have a solution?
  5. Migrate to another Server

    Hi, I have froxlor an roundcubemail installed on Debian 7. Now I would like to migrate all the Data to a new Server (debian 8) What I have to do? For me it look likes install froxlor and restore the database from Source Server to Target Server. Is that so easy`?? Thanks
  6. Error by Update

    From i could successfully update to
  7. Error by Update

    Sorry i can not give you my server details. Can u give me an how to to fix it by myself? Or can i update to 38 stable ? Edit: I sucessfully update now to Now i try to update to the latest
  8. Error by Update

    please look at the screen
  9. Error by Update

    how to check that?
  10. Error by Update

    ok if you say it is not in 24 included and comes with 27. In the update prozess i update to 27 and higher to 38 Can i make any changes in the database manually ? I can now press back and run it again the i get the error from post 1
  11. Error by Update

    Now i restored the database and update again. I currently have installed 0.9.24 The update is sucess to Updating Log
  12. Error by Update

    I took this guide. https://github.com/Froxlor/Froxlor/wiki/Updating-Froxlor But i don't come into the admin panel. I have to do the update again and again.
  13. Error by Update

    Hello, I get the following error by update to 0.9.39. Can you help me please 42S21 SQLSTATE[42S21]: Column already exists: 1060 Duplicate column name 'fpmsettingid' File: /lib/classes/database/class.Database.php:181 My installed version is
  14. [solved] Apache leitet nicht korrekt weiter

    Tut mir schrecklich leid. Aber in der Konfig im Froxlor steht nicht drin dass man die Datei php-fpm.conf bearbeiten muss und die Zeile aus dem Kommentar rausnehmen soll. Aber gut bin froh das es gel?st ist und d00p geholfen hat.
  15. [solved] Apache leitet nicht korrekt weiter

    Unfassbar! Es funktioniert. Wenn ich "test" aufrufe komm ich in den richtigen vhost Ordner. Das soll mal einer verstehen. Hab ich da jetzt etwas bei der Einrichtung ?berlesen oder wo stehen die ganzen Schritte die du mir Gott sei Dank jetzt gesagt hast?