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  1. I did it for both. Now i have to uninstall one? Where I have to enable ist in which settings? So, libnss-mysql is default enabled ?! I installed it about configuration -> choose your distro, then "system", then "libnss-mysql"
  2. Now I installed booth packages. What I have to do now? I got the same error.
  3. Now with a lot of trouble I migrated to the new server. Everything is fine (mail, dns, ftp etc) but Ive got a problem with vhosts. In my Browser I get ther arror Access denied 403 on Port 80. (/var/customers/webs/Client/) Roundcube and phpmyadmin are fine (/var/www) I saw on the old server in /var/customers/webs/Client/ the permissions had the name from my clients. At the new server the permissions are e.g. 10006,10003 etc Do u have a solution?
  4. Hi, I have froxlor an roundcubemail installed on Debian 7. Now I would like to migrate all the Data to a new Server (debian 8) What I have to do? For me it look likes install froxlor and restore the database from Source Server to Target Server. Is that so easy`?? Thanks
  5. From i could successfully update to
  6. Sorry i can not give you my server details. Can u give me an how to to fix it by myself? Or can i update to 38 stable ? Edit: I sucessfully update now to Now i try to update to the latest
  7. ok if you say it is not in 24 included and comes with 27. In the update prozess i update to 27 and higher to 38 Can i make any changes in the database manually ? I can now press back and run it again the i get the error from post 1
  8. Now i restored the database and update again. I currently have installed 0.9.24 The update is sucess to Updating Log
  9. I took this guide. https://github.com/Froxlor/Froxlor/wiki/Updating-Froxlor But i don't come into the admin panel. I have to do the update again and again.
  10. Hello, I get the following error by update to 0.9.39. Can you help me please 42S21 SQLSTATE[42S21]: Column already exists: 1060 Duplicate column name 'fpmsettingid' File: /lib/classes/database/class.Database.php:181 My installed version is
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