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for my own Froxlor Template I want to add some Custom Links to my Header (just single Links, not an Menu like with function.buildNavigation.php).


Is this possible? I need the Username Output, Logout Link with Session ID and Home Button (Overview) with Session Link.


Thank you

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Ok, I just found $userinfo[loginname] for Username and $userinfo[hash] for the Hashtag/Session-ID.


But I could not figure out how to create a Link which links in Customer Backend to customer_index.php and in Admin Backend to admin_index.php. Could you please explain me this?

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Thank you for the Info with $s, its shorter then $userinfo[hash].


But I don't understand the Thing with eval(). Could you please give me an example for an Link to admin_index.php/customer_index.php from Admin/Customer Backend? Sorry, but I don't have many PHP Knowledges.

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Sorry, but I can't figure it out, I think my PHP Knowledges are too low for this. But I've found out that $userinfo['adminsession'] contains an 1 for Admin or 0 for Customer. With the Help of this Variable I've written the following Code:


<if $userinfo['adminsession'] == 1>
 <a href="admin_index.php?s={$s}"></a>
 <a href="customer_index.php?s={$s}"></a>


Short Version:


<a href="<if $userinfo['adminsession'] == 1>admin<else>customer</if>_index.php?s={$s}"></a>


It's not your Solution, but it works. All roads lead to Rome. ;)

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