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(Re)creation of config files



I have the server configuration files within CVS control with use of fsvs (http://fsvs.tigris.org).

Currently there is the small issue, every time a domain configuration is saved, configuration of all domains are recreated also they do not change in content.



 Listen xx.xx.xx.xx:80
diff -u sites-enabled/05_froxlor_dirfix_nofcgid.conf.r58 sites-enabled/05_froxlor_dirfix_nofcgid.conf.local
--- sites-enabled/05_froxlor_dirfix_nofcgid.conf        Rev. 58         (Tue Sep  7 15:55:04 2010)
+++ sites-enabled/05_froxlor_dirfix_nofcgid.conf        Local version   (Thu Sep 16 16:00:01 2010)
@@ -1,5 +1,5 @@
# 05_froxlor_dirfix_nofcgid.conf
-# Created 07.09.2010 15:55
+# Created 16.09.2010 16:00
# Do NOT manually edit this file, all changes will be deleted after the next domain change at the panel.


I wonder if this could be changed to only rewrite the relevant configuration files? Perhaps this can also be extended to completely enable/disable the writing of bind configurations with one global configuration flag. Any input from devs?

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