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Nameserver MX Handling



In Syscp and also in Froxlor it is possible to define MX Entries in the Nameserver Configuration.


In Syscp, without manual defined MX entries, it creates one MX entry pointing to mail.domain.name.

If you define manual MX entries, the mail.domain.name entry is not created.


I would like to have both of these possible to have my mailserver configured to another ip. Alternatively it would be great if configuration of the mailserver ip address would be possible.


Because of lacking some experience in enterprise environments, I would appreciate feedback/discussion on this topic before I hack something together that's not good practice.

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Some more arguements for more DNS/MX flexibility.


1. Someone who is used to their mail.domain.ltd syntax will complain the missing mail record, when default MX is used.


2. If only the DNS config is managed and Hosting/Mail is somewhere else the default Mailservers in Syscp wont be the mailserver used to send and receive mails.

That's a problem in case of SPF Verification which allows by default only MX entries defined for a domain.


I see two workarounds for this in syscp. Either add a checkbox "add MX entries" in the Nameserver/MX Entries section. This would create a zone file with both, domain specific MX and the global defined.


Other solution would be to select the global MX by domain directly in domain settings via "use global MX entries" checkbox.


Anyone else?

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