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cron error after deleting one ssl cert

Joshy George


Getting this error as email :


PHP Parse error:  syntax error, unexpected end of file in /var/www/cpanel/lib/Froxlor/Cron/Http/LetsEncrypt/AcmeSh.ph

All I did was to disable Letsencrypt for one domain. How to fix this?

Also seen on the Dashboard: 

Outstanding cron-tasks:
  • Rebuilding webserver-configuration
  • Rebuilding bind-configuration
  • Delete ssl files of domain cybersight.digital
  • Delete ssl files of domain webmail.3italiani.hk
  • Delete ssl files of domain cybersight.digital
  • Rebuilding the cron.d-file


Installed version:

0.10.27 (DB: 202107070)



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