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DKIM-filter Package Not Installed



I've not long installed Froxlor. I'm just in the process of setting up SPF and DKIM for mail. I'm using external DNS provider; got SPF working great. I just can't seem to get the DKIM working. After interrogating the email headers, they're not even being signed.  

I've been getting errors in the Froxlor panel that would indicate an issue with the service running on the server; when I switch Domain Keys to "Activated: Yes" I receive an error, however nothing appears in the system log to indicate what this was. 

On further investigation; looking at the list of packages installed, DKIM-Filter doesn't even seem to be installed. I've found I can't get from any repositories as it is no longer developed and OpenDKIM is being used, however not yet supported by Froxlor. 

Am I missing this package because due to only recently installing Froxlor, and the apt being removed from the repositories, it was never installed? I didn't notice any errors on install. 

Any work around anyone can recommend?

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