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We are just starting to use Froxlor and would like to know if there are any plans to integrate mailing lists with Froxlor.


We have mailing lists in mailman in another server that we would like to migrate although we would be willing to migrate to a different mailing list provider also.


Would the syscp mailman module (http://www.syscp-forum.org/index.php?topic=3541.0) work out of the box in Froxlor?


Would you advice using this or is there a better solution?



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I've had a go at installing the syscp mailman module and it does need updating in order to work with froxlor.


The items in the main navegation menu in syscp were read dynamically from the panel_navigation table in the database. In froxlor they are statically configured in lib/navegation/00.froxlor.main.php


So, at the very least you would have to modify the database script and this php file in order to get the module to install.


I'm not sure if there would be other things that would need modifying also.


Personally i'm not in favor of installing modules that overwrite core froxlor files.... instability in updates being my main conscern.


Perhaps a framework that allowed for pluggable modules kept separate from the core froxlor files would be a good addition to froxlor if it doesn't already exist.


For now my users will just have to administrate mailman from its somewhat unintuitive web interface.


Keep up the good work.

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I will reraise this topic because I came a syscp installation for which mailman support is essential (running up to 10 syscp configured mailinglists under 3 accounts on the (old) server).

Are there plans to migrate this module to froxlor, or is there a chance to integrate mailman otherwise?

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