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New year, new froxlor - What to expect in 2019


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Dear Froxlor-Community,

as some of you might have already noticed, there is a lot of changes going on regarding the new API based version of froxlor: 0.10.0.

A complete new structure of the classes has already been done - but wait, there's more :) This was just the first step towards a brand-new composer-based froxlor, which means, all the external requirements are managed by composer now. The next step, that is currently in progress, is a complete refactoring of all the functions (all in namespaced classes) and a Twig-template engine and bootstrap4 based theme. 

As I first want to set the basis of all this correctly the first look at this (in a separate branch) will have to wait a few weeks. If you are interested in participating in the new layout or help with convert and design templates you are more than welcome. Join us on IRC (irc.freenode.net/#froxlor).

I wish you all a great start into the new year 




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