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Debian packages: use +deb7 and +deb8 instead of -wheezy and -jessie


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Currently, there is a Debian package for Debian Wheezy and Debian Jessie. They are the same Froxlor version, just the dependencies are slightly different. The problem is their naming. The wheezy package is called version-wheezy and the jessie package is called version-jessie. The problem with this approach is that in the alphabet, j is before w, and thus the wheezy package is considered newer than the jessie version. This means when you upgrade from wheezy to jessie, it will keep the wheezy-package installed even if you change your repository to the jessie-repository. This is not such a big problem, because both packages are mostly identical, only the dependencies differ. But for example, it means you cannot switch to mariadb on jessie, because you have the wheezy-package which requires mysql and does not support mariadb. You first need to "downgrade" the froxlor package to the jessie package in order to use mariadb.

Most other packages use +deb7 for debian wheezy packages and +deb8 for debian jessie packages. This works correctly as expected.

Also, there is no repository for stretch, yet.

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