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Feedback 0.9.35 release


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Thank you for update and option with setting MYSQL_PASSWORD value on install . Great work ! Froxlor is the best !



I´m not using any feeds but since new version I always see message on top even when feeds are disabled.

Is it possible to disable this box - if no feeds - like in previous version ?

Maybe you can add later possibility for admin to setup individual message (like admin notes) in this place instead rss.




Is it possible to disable auto-update feature ? Could you build in an option under configuration in next version , something like:

Automatic updates: yes/no -




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are you sure the released version is correct? I've updated two boxes today, but on both of them the config page for Wheezy apache2.2 consists of 'Lorem ipsum' and "example-script.sh" which doesn't seem to be correct(see attached pic).  The 'acme' config part is missing completely. Upgrade was done simply with "apt-get upgrade", no manual install or other changes. Am I missing something?


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